The lake

Along the route to Dirupo Rosso, the landscape prepares the visitor for the dazzling view of the Santa Rosalia lake and the surrounding countryside.
A magnificent panorama among the indented lakeside and the mountain flora.

Lago di Santa Rosalia

A picturesque scenery

At the heart of the Ibleo plateau, the Santa Rosalia lake greets the waters of the Irminio river perfectly blending in with the valley in the background.
From the Lauro Mountain to the mouth of the river, a natural bowl surrounds the lake and embellishes it with glorious coves under a splendid sky.
From high above the location gifts you with a view of the lake from different perspectives, while you’re immersed in the peace and quiet that is a feature of our land.

Campagna Dirupo Rosso

From natural background to tradition

Dirupo Rosso is surrounded by nature and steeped in history.
Vast portions of land are divided by stone walls build by sharecroppers and country mansions are evident on the way to the location surrounded by the smooth hills of the enchanting Iblei land.